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Since 2013 I develop apps for Android and iOS. One of the worst tasks is to scale many images. For this reason, I have written a small program. The name of the program is:


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BitmapCat scaled png-, bmp-, and jpg images for Android apps in:

  • ldpi(low-density)
  • mdpi(medium-density)
  • hdpi(high-density)
  • xhdpi(extra-high-density)
  • xxhdpi(extra-extra-high-density)

The tool use the typical eclipse folder structure „drawable-MDPI“, „drawable-hdpi“, etc.
Other features:
Hot Folder

  • hotfolder: the tool constantly monitors a folder.
  • convert: the tool can convert images to png, bmp or jpg format.
  • language: the tool supports german and english language





  1. The tool starts with a double click. If nothing happens, you have a no or an old version of Java. (Java version 1.7.0_11 with JavaFX needed) For the latest version, please visit:
  2. choose a language (german or english)
  3. read the Introduction and click the „next“ button
  4. selecting directories:
    • input directory: images in the folder should in the maximum resolution (xxhdpi)
    • input density: determine the resolution (DPI) of the images in the input directory. It is for up / down scaling.
    • ouput directory: for example the „res“ folder in a android-eclipse-project
    • recursion: the tool searches in the output directory and all subdirectories
    • convert: convert images to a format
  5. Lets go!



Java Version min 1.7.0_11 Content executable jar
Ending *.jar Size 358 KB (~1 MB)
Version 1.1 Date 28.03.2013
Price free License Creative Commons

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Hello BitmapCat user,

thanks for using my little tool! I hope, I could help you^^

As you have seen, I invest a lot of time in my programs and apps. Whether in the UI, the functionality or platform independence.

So, if you like my program, you can buy me an energy drink🙂

For example a red bull…


Release Notes

Version 1.1 (28.03.2013)


  • new: xxhdpi (extra-extra-high-density) support
  • new: input-density – Determine the resolution (DPI) of the images in the input directory. It is for up / down scaling.
  • new: ProgressIndicator – shows the progress in the overview
  • fix: editable directory path
  • fix: Logtime


[download id=“20″ format=“2″]

Version 1.0 (01.03.2013)


[download id=“19″ format=“2″]



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